Amending my promise

In my very first post, I promised to be prolific. Specifically, I aimed to publish 100 posts before 2023. At the time, that would mean publishing around 1 post every week. But, after just a couple of posts, I took a year-long hiatus from writing altogether.

After coming back, I calculated that I'd need to post about every day, with 50 or so days of wiggle room, in order to keep up with my promise. I have since realized that this rate of writing is not only unsustainable, but deleterious to the quality of my writing.

I've noticed that I scramble to get together a minimal viable draft instead of diving deep into the research for a topic, or trying to formulate original ideas which surprise me (and hopefully you, the audience). So I'm going to step back a bit.

I'll continue writing, but will return to my original ballpark goal of posting around once a week. This means I won't reach 100 posts by 2023. In fact, I won't even reach 100 posts by 2024. But that's ok. If it means that I can put solid effort into each post and focus on honing my craft, then I'm all for it. I'd rather that then get to 100 posts and feel like I sprinted and stumbled my way there without having learned or grown much as a writer.

So this is where I am now. I hope you stick around for the journey!

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